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Mandoval is the leading supplier of vermiculite in Johannesburg, with a range of high-grade products tosuit all needs. Vermiculite is a hydrated magnesium-aluminum-iron silicate that is mined and processed, possessing a unique combination of properties that make it extremely versatile and beneficial for many

Our premium vermiculite can be used for insulation, potting soil, fireproofing, and as a soil amendment for plants among other uses. Buying vermiculite in bulk is beneficial for the construction industry as anadditive to cement and mortar to increase the materials strength and performance. Our Johannesburg
vermiculite is extremely lightweight and has excellent thermal insulation properties. It also has the ability to absorb and retain certain types of pollutants, which makes it beneficial for use in soil remediation or as an absorbent material for hazardous materials

Why Choose Mandoval

Mandoval Johannesburg vermiculite provides excellent acoustic insulation properties, making it the perfect choice for soundproofing and sound absorption. Its lightweight nature also makes it a great choice for use in construction and can be used to fill in voids or gaps in walls and ceilings. In addition to
its many benefits, our Johannesburg vermiculite is also very cost effective and easy to use. We offer two varieties, exfoliated and raw vermiculite, available in many different sieving ranges, allowing for easy mixing with other materials for custom applications.

Passive Fire Protection Johannesburg

Mandoval offers an extensive range of fire protection products, from comprehensive protection systems to fire protective coatings, to ensure your building is at maximum protection from fire risk. If you are looking for high quality fire protective plasters in Johannesburg, Mandoval provides a selection of
durable and reliable plasters that can be applied quickly and efficiently. For further information on our fire protective plaster range, take a look here. At Mandoval, we pride ourselves in supplying the best fire protection products on the market, which is why we stock a full KBS fire protective range featuring KBS
coating, specifically designed to offer permanent protection under all weather conditions, with proven durability for 30 years without signs of deterioration. Our products also include KBS Caulking, KBS Pipe seal and KBS Sealbags for penetration seals fire protection. Take a look at our effective and efficient fire
protective range in Johannesburg here.

Reputable & Renowned Vermiculite Suppliers Johannesburg

There are a multitude of vermiculite uses, Mandoval offer services as agricultural, industrial, commercial and horticultural vermiculite suppliers in Johannesburg, providing the best of this versatile material. If you’re in need of reliable and robust vermiculite, or require dependable fire protection and acoustic sprays, Mandoval has everything you need for your projects. Get in touch with our team today and see how we can help you.

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